An exclusive venue for the wedding has many special features to offer that you may not get in a traditional wedding hall in Kent. This is a prime reason to opt for renowned exclusive venue hire for the wedding. The ceremony and the reception need venues that are comfortable, easy to access, beautiful and safe. Besides, these venues must have premium facilities for guests to make their entire day fascinating in every possible way.

What Should Be There in an Exclusive Wedding Venue?

A wedding venue is known as an exclusive one because of its unique features that are absent in conventional wedding venues. There should be amenities like;

  • Picturesque landscape
  • Beautiful garden and lawn area
  • Comfortable rooms for guests, bride and groom
  • Top chefs and professional catering service
  • Friendly staff with a professional approach
  • Completely protected premises
  • Safe and spacious car parking areas
  • CCTV surveillance

Enjoy Uninterrupted Wedding Function

Nothing can be more annoying than having unwanted people peeking through the fences or trees to see how you are posing with your husband/wife just after your marriage. So, avoid such kind of annoyance and get a place where you can enjoy complete privacy and uninterrupted wedding functions can be held.

These venues are completely safe and will remain private for you during the duration of your booking. That means you and your guests will be present and use the premises for this period, and no one else can get entry.

How Important Is It to Book an Exclusive Wedding Venue in Kent?

If you wish to enjoy your wedding in a peaceful, undisturbed and safe place, you cannot ignore the importance of exclusive wedding venue hire in Kent. The place will ensure the complete comfort and safety of your guests. These places offer spacious parking with CCTV surveillance. Hence, all the vehicles can be parked safely. Moreover, they are generally located in a remote but easy-to-access location to avoid the hustle and bustle city. Therefore, your guests can easily reach there.

The catering service is also excellent, with highly qualified chefs, friendly staff and a wide range of wedding meal menus. Thus, your guests will feel happy and comfortable with the service.

Besides, the breathtaking landscape will give you that desired background for all your lovely wedding pictures.

At Coltsford Mill, you can book an exclusive wedding venue in Kent for the ceremony and the reception. We have all the major facilities to offer to make your wedding a grand event. Please get in touch with us for more information.