When it comes to wedding celebrations, nothing adds the ‘wow factor’ like a spectacular firework display.

With November being the month of Bonfire Night and fireworks, you may have been inspired to add a little explosive drama to your wedding day.

Countless celebrities have rounded off their big day with an even bigger display of sound and vision, as have members of the Royal family. Firework displays provide heartwarming thrills for wedding guests at any time of year, whether it’s a chilly winter night or a balmy summer evening.

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Can I have fireworks at my wedding?

At Coltsford Mill, you certainly can. Our barn wedding venue is set in 12 acres of beautiful grounds, right in the heart of the Surrey countryside, so we don’t need to worry too much about the neighbours!

You’re very welcome to light up the sky above Coltsford Mill, as long as you use an approved firework supplier. In fact, we can recommend at least two companies who we know provide displays that are both safe and spectacular.

During the restrictions currently imposed on weddings due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re finding that firework finales are especially popular with our couples. Outside of lockdown conditions, couples are permitted to hold wedding breakfasts but not evening receptions. This means that the day may be missing a natural end point – a gap that fireworks can fill in breathtaking fashion.

Why not treat your guests to a surprise whizz-bang extravaganza? Fireworks offer a fantastic way to capture the joyous energy of your wedding day, something your guests will never forget.

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about firework displays at your wedding. Don’t forget to ask about our flexible wedding special offers too, designed to help you plan your big day with confidence.