Many couples are unwilling to get married in a religious style. Instead of the grandeur and excessive ceremonies, these couples prefer getting married in a civil style. However, you need to know more about the civil ceremony before you decide to plan one for yourself. People think of the extravagant Las Vegas-style marriage whenever the name civil ceremony comes to mind. However, this is a myth.

Although a civil style marriage does not involve a religious outlook, it is a legal ceremony where everything else is present in place of the religious activities. However, to plan a civil ceremony successfully, make sure that you select the right type of civil ceremony venue in Kent.

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Why do couples prefer having civil ceremonies?

People who opt for civil ceremonies are the ones who aren’t comfortable with religious ceremonies. However, many people believe that these couples are non-religious. Sometimes if the partners come from different religious backgrounds, civil ceremonies are easier and more feasible. Unlike an ideal ceremony where the clergy will not allow creative aspects within the marriage ceremony, there’s always a better option of adding a creative aspect to the civil ceremony.

What type of locations should you choose for civil ceremonies?

Unlike traditional or religious marriage ceremonies, if you want to opt for a civil ceremony, you don’t need a large space. You will not have to go through rituals, and hence the amount of space requirement is also less. These types of ceremonies generally take place in courthouses, parks, approved venues, hotel lawns, banquets and hotel dining halls.

However, before selecting the venue, ensure that the same is certified and suitable for the marriage ceremony. Moreover, the venue must be open and accessible to all public. When you select a location for a civil ceremony, make sure that you also check the insurance coverage for the same.

You must also check the venue’s connection with any religious activities. Since you’re opting for a civil ceremony, your priority wish is to avoid all kinds of religious activities. Hence, before hiring the venue, make sure that you check the religious connectivity of the same. Talk to the venue owner and take permission for unrestricted access in the same.

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