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rechard & darren

Rachel and Darren’s Story

Darren proposed to Rachel just over a year before their
wedding when they were walking their dog beside a river
very early one morning. They were due to go on holiday a
few days later so Rachel was completely surprised but says it
was nice to be able to tell friends and family straight away,
even if they did wake them all up!

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Sam and Simon’s Story

Simon proposed to Sam by the river Henley while enjoying
a picnic. “He produced Morris the Monkey which I’d bought
him on our first Valentine´s Day, with a ribbon tied around
its neck with a ring on it. I burst into tears and said yes
immediately, then Simon produced a bottle of Champagne and
two glasses.”

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Ann Wedding image

Ann and Ashley’s Story

Ann and Ashley chose to have an aquatic and fun theme for
their wedding at Coltsford Mill.
When Ann and Ashley first started going out they went on
holiday to Edinburgh, where they visited the Sea Life Centre.
This is where their love of aquariums and fish keeping started.

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Janine and Tony’s Story

Tony had been friends with Janine’s brother for a long
time, but it was not until they were both single at
the same time that they admitted that they really liked
each other (to others!). A mutual friend stepped in and
put them both in the picture and they haven’t looked
back since.

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Claire and Paul’s Story

Claire and Paul chose a chocolate colour theme for
their wedding at Coltsford Mill. They wanted their
day “to be as relaxed as possible, without any real

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