Whether you’re marrying around Halloween or simply still planning, take our advice to avoid any terrifying wedding catastrophes!

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Hundreds of couples have married at our gorgeous barn wedding venue in the Surrey countryside, so the Coltsford Mill team have plenty of experience in dealing with all the last-minute hiccups that can occur.

Wedding planning can be a challenging time, so we’ve compiled our top tips for avoiding a nuptial nightmare at any time of year.

Take out wedding insurance.
Premiums don’t have to be expensive; you could cover your entire wedding for the cost of one restaurant meal. But the peace of mind that wedding insurance provides can be invaluable.
Even the best laid plans can go awry through no fault of your own, from a supplier letting you down to a health emergency for a loved one. We like to say that wedding insurance is like having an umbrella in your handbag – if you carry one, it won’t rain, but if you don’t, it definitely will!

Choose a venue that shines, whatever the weather.
Have faith that the Great British weather won’t let you down, but also assume that it might. Choosing a wedding venue that looks stunning both inside and out – just like Coltsford Mill – ensures that even a hurricane can’t rain on your wedding parade.

Delegate to avoid wedding day stresses.
At Coltsford Mill, we believe that the marrying couple should have nothing to do on their special day but relax, smile and get married. That’s why, during our planning meetings, we’ll take the contact details of all your suppliers and deal with them directly on your behalf.

So, if there are any last-minute issues that need sorting out on the big day, we’ll take care of everything and you’ll probably never even know there had been a problem.

Contact our friendly and professional wedding team to find out more.