We are experiencing a big turn-around in the way weddings are organised nowadays. A traditional church wedding is now a relic of the past. Instead, people want their ceremonies to take place with a more personal touch. So, if, like them, you too are looking for an exclusive wedding venue in Surrey, we are here to help you out. You may want a fitting destination for your big day, quirky locations or outlandish themes; whatever the case, this blog is here to tackle the theme from the beginning.

The step-by-step guide to finding the perfect wedding venue

So, let’s delve into our elaborate guide to how to find the perfect wedding venue.

Set a Budget

So, before you peruse through the possible wedding venues, you have to set a budget. You need to decide whether certain aspects of your wedding are practical with respect to your financial situation. Not only will the venue cost money, but above it, decorations, amenities, catering and everything else will add up.

A comprehensive guest list

The number of guests you invite also plays a significant role in the venue you choose. For instance, an expansive gigantic hall will feel desolated if your guest strength is small, let’s say 50 guests. So, the choice of the venue must fit well with your expected guest strength.

The season

Depending on your choice of season, the venue can offer different outlooks. If you favour summer as a season, a spacious outdoor layout could be a great option for conducting the ceremony. On the other hand, for weddings in winter, nothing can offer the comfort or solace as a heated indoor space.

Canvas the potential venues

A very common wedding mistake is not conducting a thorough investigation of the venue. So, don’t just superficially go over the venue. Dive deep before you select one. You should ask your top contenders for pictures and brochures and probe into all the possible ins and outs of your potential venue.

Think of the decorations beforehand

So, when you plan your wedding, you might have a certain style and theme in mind. Go over them and ask yourself if the theme and decorations you visualise go well with the venue of your wedding.

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