A wedding is the most special event of your life. You should ensure to make the most of the event. Booking a grand venue to tie the knot can be a great idea. By adding the element of luxury, you can make your wedding memorable and exclusive.

Castle Wedding:

Getting married in a Medieval Castle in England has become a highly trendy option. Church and Luxury Hotels have taken a backseat. A castle offers customized booking options. It is a great place to get married outside the usual hustle and bustle of the urban settings.

Why A Castle is a Great Wedding Venue:

Here you can get the reasons for the rise of Castles as a wedding venue in Kent. It is a great chance to make your wedding ceremony memorable.

  • Convenience: You can find spaces for all wedding ceremonies in a Castle. The food arrangements can be made on the vast lawn. The altar can be a nice place for the newly-weds to take their wedding vows. You can also get the spaces for the bride and groom to get ready. You only need to pay the price mentioned in the package.
  • Photogenic: A Castle is an aesthetically appealing wedding venue. It provides you with the place for pre-wedding and post-wedding photographs. Plus, you get an amazing background to add some regal touch to the photos. You can be assured of capturing some memorable moments on the biggest day of your life.
  • Get Treated like Monarchs: The hosts of the wedding make sure to provide the best service. It adds the element of glamour and royalty to give you a Princely feel. You will get a unique and memorable experience.
  • Historical: Castle weddings are magical and historical. Very few get the chance to take their wedding vows inside a setup that has a 400-year-old rich history. The lovers of history will definitely feel an adrenaline rush. You should properly research the venue to know more about its historical importance.
  • Blend of Old and New: The historic appeal of a Castle is enchanting. However, it will be wrong for you to assume that the Castle is short on modern amenities. You can remain assured of getting swimming pools, bar arrangements, and other features that ensure a pleasant wedding experience.

If you want to book an exclusive wedding venue in Kent, consult with Coltsford Mil. We can ensure an exotic castle wedding with all the necessary amenities. Add some elegance to your wedding with our support.