At this time of year, many people decide to abstain from a vice or habit for 40 days. However, rather than forgoing chocolate, wine or online shopping, how about giving up the stress of wedding planning – forever?

At Coltsford Mill, we’re passionate about weddings and committed to ensuring every one of our couples has the best day of their lives. Planning your wedding is a wonderful time, during which you will enjoy the unique pleasure of arranging a celebration of your love.

But with so much to do and so many decisions to make, some couples can find the process stressful and even overwhelming at times. That’s where Coltsford Mill’s dedicated wedding coordinators come in – from the moment you book to the moment you say ‘I do’, we’ll be there to make every step simple, fun and stress-free.

Right from the start, we ensure that couples feel informed and in control of their big day. We’ll arrange planning sessions and catering meetings at our beautiful barn venue in the Surrey countryside, as your wedding starts to take shape. At our twice-annual open days, you’ll have the opportunity to meet a host of our recommended suppliers that we trust to deliver exceptional service on this truly special day.

Our expert wedding team don’t just help you to make sure the venue and food are perfect; we’re there to advise and support you in every aspect of your wedding. When you book your marriage at Coltsford Mill, we’ll also provide you with a countdown checklist. This will help you keep track of all the little details that come together to create your dream wedding day.

With the same wedding coordinator taking you right through the process, including your departure the morning after your wedding, you can be sure that your special day is in good hands at Coltsford Mill.