Barn wedding venues in Surrey are gaining immense popularity because of the large space availability and customisable options that every couple loves. Barn wedding venues are classic and elegant architectural structures that add an environment of charm, romance and uniqueness to the wedding events. Barn wedding venues are unique event hosting venues where the couples can customise the decorations as per their wish.

These venues offer a stunning backdrop and are highly spacious with flexibility. If you’re ready to get away from the mundane wall paintings and backdrops, you must opt for these locations. The air, environment and romance together will definitely light up your wedding day.

Still not convinced? Read on to know more about the advantages of selecting barn wedding venues in Surrey.

4 reasons to select barn wedding venues

Spacious location

Brand wedding locations usually cover a huge area. Hence, you can spaciously arrange for the wedding, seating, photo areas and dining areas separately in the location. You can get both outdoor and indoor accommodations to arrange the wedding successfully. The option of arranging an outdoor ceremony makes the wedding more interesting.

Customised decorations

Barn wedding venues generally offer a neutral backdrop that can be paired with different colours matching the personality style of the couple. You can opt for various light options from the high ceilings and beams. You can use orchids or seasonal flowers to decorate the bran. Unlike the four wall decorations, outdoor decorations help make the wedding day special.

Endless photo options

Natural wood and light, along with rustic background, makes barn wedding venues the best locations for clicking good wedding pictures. Along with flowers, beaches and rivers in the backdrop, barn wedding venues can give you mesmerising photos for your wedding album.

Special experience

Barn wedding venues create a special experience for the people participating in the wedding. They can enjoy the wedding under an open sky with stars above their head. This is truly a fun activity as well. The barn will give your guests spaces to move around the location and enjoy the day to the fullest. You can also include fireplaces, garden paths and animals along with fun wedding games in your wedding venue.

If you’re looking for a barn wedding venue, Coltsford Mill is a premier location situated half an hour from London. This elegant and accomplished wedding venue with stunning lakes, cascades, and surreal beauty lends a unique environment to the wedding event. Check our website for further details.