While planning a wedding, one puts a lot of attention into selecting the venue. There is a growth in demand for exotic wedding venues. These venues are known for their pristine location and surroundings, which are important elements for a memorable wedding.

Wedding at A Barn: A Good Idea?

Getting married in a rustic setup is always a favourite choice among couples. Many choose a barn as a wedding venue for its added space and exotic looks. Before selecting a barn, one has to check its different features. It is an important task which prevents any unexpected issues during the wedding ceremony.

What Should be Checked at A Barn Wedding Venue?

Here is a list of different things that one should inspect at a barn wedding venue in Kent.

  1. Space: While selecting a barn, one should check its overall space. Most have a limited interior space as they were not originally designed for hosting a party. One should know their guest list to get an idea of the group size. The space for the designs, catering, dance floor and other wedding essentials should also be checked. If one feels that the barn space is too congested, they should look for other options.
  2. Rules and Regulations: The barns are privately owned property, so the rules and regulations may vary from one another. One who plans to book a barn for a wedding should talk to the owners about the insurance, licensing and fire safety guidelines. They should also know whether the barn follows the sound ordinances of a city. Some barns may have regulations against the usage of the property. This is another vital thing that should be checked.
  3. Electric Supply: As the venue is located in the countryside, one may face disruptions in power supply. Taking a generator would be a practical decision. Surely the wedding costs may get a bit higher. However, the party would not be spoiled by power cuts and unstable electric supply.
  4. Outdoors: Though the backdrop of a barn looks exquisite, they have their share of problems. One should keep an eye on the plants or weeds that may cause allergies. They should instruct the owners to keep the surroundings clean and sanitised to avoid the smell of animal excreta. It will also be helpful in keeping away different insects.

A wedding at a barn is a dreamy affair that one should never miss. To book an exotic barn wedding venue in Kent, one can contact Coltsford Mill. They are a reputed source for booking attractive venues. They have a group of experts who can make any wedding memorable.