Are you a non-religious person and looking for a simple marriage ceremony? Then a civil ceremony is the best option for you. Civil marriage ceremonies have been increasing as they are simple legal and official ceremonies for interfaith marriages.

If you’re planning a civil ceremony, then there are a few things you need to know. Also, selecting the best civil ceremony venue in Surrey is essential. Here are a few important considerations for a civil ceremony marriage that you plan to arrange.

How to arrange for a proper civil ceremony wedding?

Make proper arrangements

Civil ceremonies are different from traditional marriages. You need to decide on the date and place of your marriage and provide legal notice to the court. You also need to arrange for witnesses above the age of 16 to notify your marriage’s legality and validity. Since this is a legal marriage, you must also book a marriage registrar for the event beforehand.

Buy the right type of attire

Unlike a traditional wedding ceremony, you can easily go for a casual look for a civil marriage. Choose a semi-formal, simple, sad and elegant attire for a civil ceremony. Also, make sure you team it up with simple accessories. Since the whole concept of a civil wedding is to keep the marriage simple, exaggerating the attire and accessories will make the ceremony look out of context.

Arrange for a marriage licence

A civil ceremony is the legal wedding process. Hence, you’ll need a separate marriage licence for the same. Book a prior appointment with the registrar. Ask about the legal documents of the couples that would be required to get a legal licence for the marriage. Prepare them so you do not face any problems during the process.

Select the proper location

A civil wedding can easily occur in a courthouse or at a city hall. However, if you’ve location preferences for riverside barns, you can select the same with minimum space occupancy. If you arrange the same in a courtroom, you cannot bring in guests. Ask the venue coordinators to arrange for the minimal decor you want for the wedding. Theme-based decors are also a common sight for civil ceremonies.

Contact Coltsford Mill, a stylish waterside barn for your civil ceremony wedding. This stunning location with an elegant and contemporary finish is perfect for a small gathering for a civil ceremony.

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