You will always remember the location of your wedding ceremony and reception. Choosing a special location will benefit you in the future because it will be preserved in your images long after your wedding day has passed. 

 Allow your wedding’s vision to guide you – 

 Finding a wedding venue that matches your style comes after you’ve decided how you want the wedding to appear, feel and be cherished in photographs. Here are some suggestions to spark your imagination.


 Nothing is more lovely than a wedding where the bride and groom’s love is allowed to shine through. Traditional wedding locations convey a feeling of tradition and history while allowing the specialness of the occasion to come through without hassle or interruption. A stunning cathedral, country club, or golf course can make the ideal background for a couple that wants their wedding to have a timeless and classic atmosphere.


 Modern wedding ceremonies are described as crisp, clean, and simple. Look for locations with classy, wide areas and less “busy” backdrops. Your wedding concept can come to life in art galleries, contemporary eateries, loft spaces, warehouses, and other locations.


Get outside for a more free-spirited feel. The best of nature surrounds you and your guests at an outdoor wedding, giving your celebration a natural, organic atmosphere. Consider having a beach wedding or a lovely ceremony on the grass of the hotel where you first met. The weather-proof guarantee of botanical gardens makes them a fantastic choice for a natural feel.


A rural location can offer an elegant look for a wedding party if you want it to feel more at home. A rural location gives your individuality the freedom to stand out because it can be both inside and outside. Consider sites like barns, farms, ranches, and wineries.


The intricacies that a historic location has to offer will appeal to a couple with an ancient soul. It’s charming and nostalgic to have a wedding in a historical setting.


The magical wedding of your dreams is transported to your guests by soft, glittering lights and flowing floral arrangements. When you decide to hold your wedding in an elegant hotel conference room, a historic mansion, or even a castle, your guests will swoon because romantic locations accentuate the love you are celebrating on your marriage day.

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