A wedding in a barn is one of the most popular themes in the current times. It is a venue that acts as a blend between the rustic simplicity and chic appearance. The decoration is an important part of both the interior and exterior parts of a barn wedding.

Wedding in a Barn is Special:

If you have decided to get married in a barn, you have to put much stress on its aesthetics. To ensure a gorgeous decoration, you need to focus on both the exteriors and interiors. From seating arrangement to the food, you must ensure everything matches your wedding vibe perfectly.

Top Ideas to Decorate A Barn Wedding venue:

In this blog, you can learn about some important elements of decorating a barn wedding venue in Kent. These can play an important role in making the decoration more memorable and distinct from others.

  • Table and Seating Arrangement: A barn is generally an elongated space spread across a large area. So, you might face difficulties in arranging multiple tables as your seating arrangement. Scan the whole area of the barn’s interior and arrange the seats accordingly. It would be a practical idea to install a single elongated table with facing chairs.
  • Bar Designing: Setting up a bar during a barn wedding may sometimes be challenging. However, you can try creative ideas to match a country look to the bar. Placing a wooden barrel to serve the drinks can be a practical idea. Try to hire a bartender who is an expert in forming different types of cocktails. This will surely cheer up the mood of your wedding.
  • Lighting Arrangements: Lighting is one of the most important arrangements for a barn wedding. The best way to decorate the venue is to incorporate string lights. These lights are capable of giving a classy look to the venue. Try to use the ceiling height of the barn to make the venue look brighter. You can also try paper lanterns above the tables.
  • Floral Arrangements: When you decorate your barn wedding venue with flowers, ensure that it matches the rustic vibes. You can try seasonal flowers to make the venue look more appealing. For example, you can try sunflowers during a summer barn wedding.

You need to remember these important elements for decorating a barn wedding venue. To book a fine barn wedding venue in Kent, contact Coltsford Mills. We provide stylish and spacious country barns for weddings. Visit our website to know more.