A wedding in a barn epitomises rustic elegance. It’s all about the casual yet beautiful elements that make it unique. Exposed wood, thoughtfully picked nature-inspired and complete decorations. Locally sourced beverages in Mason jars, and lots of candles can help you create the relaxed ambience you’re longing for.

Feature You Must be Aware of –

Location: In a destination wedding, where travelling is a component of the celebration, you should know how accessible your venue is. Is it close by, or is it quite a distance away? Will the directions be easy enough for visitors from out of town to understand?

Style – The first consideration for event planners is finding a location that matches your concept. The design of your location ultimately depends on your taste. Generally, traditional brides frequently choose indoor locations like hotels, ballrooms, and country clubs. Modern brides are more likely to search their location. They typically design a venue from scratch in wide-open expanses with string lights describing the space.

Capacity: A venue’s capacity restrictions can make or break it. You can’t fit 500 people into a space built to hold 250. The opposite is just as problematic. The biggest error we see clients make is choosing a place that is too large for the number of guests they are expecting. This means they will have to spend a lot of money to make it feel crowded and intimate. Ensure that the event locations accommodate your whole guest list.

Packages: Some wedding planners don’t include the decoration, bar and catering as a part of the venue. This might happen if you set a lower budget. Before consulting a wedding planner, ask them about their plan and budget. If you are looking for a full service, you should talk to them accordingly before booking.

Transportation: Transit cost depends on your wedding venue location. If you book a venue that is far away from the city, it will make an impact on your budget. Before making any decision, research the location. Because your guest experience depends on it. Make sure that on the venue premises, the guests will be able to park their car without hassle.

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