There are few more magical moments in one’s life than exchanging wedding vows at an exotic venue. Nowadays, many look for unconventional locales for weddings. These include barns, old castles and historically important buildings. These venues provide a picturesque backdrop that can make any wedding ceremony memorable.

Importance of Entertainment:

A wedding ceremony is incomplete without provisions for entertainment. There will be a large number of guests who would like to have a good time and share the joy of the newly-weds. However, while booking an exotic venue, you must remember certain considerations. You should choose entertainment that synchronises perfectly with the rustic backdrop of the venue.

Suitable Choices for Entertainment at Classic Wedding Venues:

Here are some top ideas for entertainment at a rustic wedding venue in Kent. These will suit perfectly the mood and theme of a venue, whether it’s a barn or an old castle.

  • Roaming Bands: Music is one of the must-have provisions for wedding entertainment. However, hiring a DJ is not viable in rural, rustic venues. Instead, you can try roaming bands. They move from place to place, do not require any electronic setup and can create a perfect mood with their music. While performing at a wedding, they also encourage the participation of guests.
  • String Quartets: These would be appropriate if you want an aesthetic and sophisticated option for entertainment. It can completely match the rustic vibe of the venue. They can perform beautiful renditions of classical romantic numbers. Their performance will create an ambience that can resonate with the mood of the guests.
  • Acoustic Duos: Acoustic duos are one of the underrated performance arrangements when it comes to wedding entertainment. If you want to offer your guests a nice dance, this is the option you should definitely try. They can fill the floor and play various numbers. This can make your wedding ceremony enjoyable.
  • Acoustic Solo Singers: It will be wrong to assume that solo singers are a misfit at wedding ceremonies. You should not underestimate their abilities to create an engaging mood. You can choose from several options, including solo harpists, pianists or guitarists. They guarantee a perfect fun-filled evening with nice tunes.

These are some options for musical entertainment for your wedding. These are specifically hand-picked to match the mood and vibe of the natural setup of a barn. If you want assistance booking an exotic wedding venue in Kent, you should contact Coltsford Mill. We can provide a classy venue that can make your wedding ceremony memorable. Visit our website for more details.