For couples, the venue of the wedding accounts for nearly half of the budget. As the hunt for a venue starts a year before the wedding day, couples only have a budget and the wedding date in mind. There are a lot of popular options when it comes to unique wedding venue in Kent, such as hotel venues, waterfront venues, country clubs, destination venues, modern venues and much more. While couples can’t figure out the much-needed theme, vendors, or menu, they can take assistance from the event management experts to create the perfect day. Continue reading this blog to learn about the things that couples want from a wedding venue.

Top 4 Things Couples Want From a Wedding Venue

They want to stay within budget

At this point, colour schemes and dress options may not be set. However, the budget is often non-negotiable. The wedding planning team must be up-front about budgeting and added costs and let the couple know what they will be getting with a contract. The event management experts should tailor packages that meet their client’s needs.

They want resources to ease the planning process

Couples need resources for the wedding planning process to know where to look when selecting a venue. The planning team can build a strong bond with the couples by offering inspiration, tools, and access to information about the venue.

They want honesty in communication

Couples want to ensure that the location they have selected is going to be the same on their wedding day. Any remodels, or landscaping changes must be shared with the couple to ensure they don’t like a window glass or water feature scheduled for removal.

They want all the facts upfront

Couples prefer pointing out the details of venue restrictions early in the process. Knowing that the venue will meet their requirements boosts their level of confidence in signing a contract. During the site tour, the event management expert must highlight bathrooms and included spaces, let the couple explore the space, and praise some effective features.

To sum up, these are the things couples want from a wedding venue. An unique wedding venue is something that Coltsford Mill specialises in. Count on us as we take pride in making your wedding day exceptional for you and your guests. Request a brochure to gather more information about our wedding venues. You can also go through the website to know more.